Another Year of Snow Behind Us

We plowed and/or salted our route over 30 times between mid-January and mid-March, with some record breaking snow falls. The largest snow fall totaling 33 cm in less than 24 hours. In fact, this was the first time in 7 years that we had to do snow haulage for a couple of our commercial customers in Georgetown, not once, but twice! The record blowing snow and drifts in Wellington County also made for a difficult season.

A salt shortage this year, with the mines in Goderich and Windsor on strike, definitely had an impact on us as a company. For comparison sake, last year our salt prices were $95/tonne, but towards the end of this year we were paying up to $225/tonne. This was due to the salt being shipped all the way from the Red Sea in Israel! It travelled a distance of close to 10,000 km instead of what could have been a mere 150 km from the Goderich mines. The salt even came with a red tinge that I had never seen before. It was needed though, as it was an incredibly icy year, with few warm days to bring any melt, as they had the previous winter.

Balancing the salt prices, fuel prices, and hiked insurance rates, makes it a hard go for all snow removal companies. However, we’re happy to say Yetti made it through another winter. Thank you to all our loyal customers for sticking out another winter with us. Not to jinx it, but we’re looking forward to the Spring sunshine, as I’m sure you all are!

Happy Spring,


Snow Drifts

Snow Drifts 2

Snow Haulage

Snow Haulage 2