A Helpful Guide for Homeowners with Septic Systems in Southern Ontario

Have your septic tank pumped out

It’s always a good idea to have your septic tank pumped out every 3-5 years. With proper maintenance, doing this will help you avoid costly repairs. Pumping out your septic tank regularly is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your system. While we don’t provide this service at Yetti, we highly recommend giving the guys at Noble Septic Services a call. They’re a trusted septic services provider in Hillsburgh, Ontario and the surrounding regions.

Never drive across your septic system

Driving across your septic system can cause severe damage. You risk cracking the drainage pipes, which will create leaks throughout the system. Nothing heavier than a lawn tractor should be driven across the filter bed.

Install an effluent filter

If you have a newer septic system, you’ll likely have an effluent filter already installed. Effluent filters keep solids in the septic tank, filtering out the liquids that drain into the septic bed. Effluent filters prevent smaller particles from leaving the tank. If you have an older septic tank, an effluent filter can be easily added to extend the system’s longevity.

Clean the effluent filter

If you already have an effluent filter in your septic tank, it should be taken out and cleaned 1-2 times a year. Cleaning the effluent filter is as easy as rinsing it off.

How to deal with liquid back ups

There’s usually one of two things happening if you have liquid backing up into your home. Either you have a plugged effluent filter or a failing system. As a first step, try cleaning the effluent filter. If that doesn’t work, give us a call.

Liquid rising to the surface of the bed

If you have liquid rising to the bed’s surface, it is a key indicator of a failing system. The drain field may be clogged with solids, which means you need a professional to address the issue. We see this a lot at Yetti so if this happens to your home, give us a call.

Ensure your septic system can accommodate any home additions

If you are planning an addition to your home and are on a septic system, permits will require a septic inspection to ensure your existing system can accommodate the addition based on today’s code. Septic system inspections are one of the services we provide at Yetti. Give us a call before you start planning your next home addition project.

The cost to replace or install a septic system

When we are pricing a new or replacement septic system, three factors are taken into consideration. We look at the square footage, the number of bedrooms and the number of fixtures such as bathrooms, sinks, laundry, etc.

The importance of T-Time

When we are pricing a new or replacement septic system, we dig test holes as a mandatory first step to collect a soil sample and understand soil quality/condition. The resulting soil percolation time is commonly referred to as a “T-time.” The T-time can dramatically change the design of your system.


Septic services in Erin, Ontario and surrounding areas

Here at Yetti, we’ve seen our fair share of septic system jobs. If you need septic services, send us an email or call at (289) 890-0749 to tell us a bit about your septic situation.