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When Christian Burrows was barely old enough to reach the pedals of his grandfather’s farm tractor, he already knew that one day he would own his own construction company. As a young lad on his uncle’s knee, he learned to operate the hand controls of a back-hoe and excavator. As a teenager, he worked summers and co-op work terms in his hometown of Georgetown, first for Grass Roots Lawn and Garden Service and then for Peel Exterior Maintenance.  During his college years in Ottawa, where he earned his private pilot’s license, he worked his way up in the family business, first on the end of a shovel, and then operating dump trucks, back-hoes, loaders, excavators, stone slingers, skid-steers and snowplows. At the young age of 20, he became a licensed AZ truck driver, operating a 53-foot float truck. He then became proficient at loading and floating heavy construction equipment from one site to another. Over the following years, he continued to hone his skills with heavy equipment operation, excavation, and snow removal.

Now, with nearly 15 years of experience in both the construction and landscaping fields, Christian is the proud President of Yetti Construction Ltd., providing a wide range of hardscaping and landscaping construction, excavation, and snow removal services.

Based in Hillsburgh, ON, where Christian lives with his wife, Hope, and their dog, Dozer, Yetti Construction began by offering residential laneway snow-plowing in Centre Wellington and the surrounding area. They have since expanded their snow removal fleet to include a second plow truck and salter in order to service commercial parking lots in the area and allowing further growth in their range of snow removal services. From early spring until late fall, Yetti Construction is kept busy with various excavation and hardscaping projects, including trenching, tree planting, the installation of armourstone walls, and overseeding.

While maintaining and growing their existing customer base, Yetti Construction has recently expanded their business into septic installation and repair.

A note from the President of Yetti Construction:
“I am proud of the work Yetti Construction has done and excited about the future. As our business grows, however, I am committed to keeping our one-on-one services personal, timely and flexible; meeting and exceeding your expectations every time. Hope and I would love to help you with your outdoor projects and ideas, so please contact me any time. Finally, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our friends and family for your continued support and for your recommendations and referrals. We wouldn’t be here without you!”

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Christian Burrows
President, Yetti Construction Ltd.

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